What To Do With Old Laptops That Still Work

What To Do With Old Laptops That Still Work

Have you an old laptop? Is it in working condition but its specs are low so you cannot utilize it for office work? Do you want to do something valuable with your old machine? Then why not apply some useful methods to utilize your old electronic positively. Now if you are thinking about what to do with old laptops that are still in working condition? Then before you start using it again first does a few steps with it.

What To Do With Old Laptops That Still Work

What To Do With Old Laptops That Still Work 

Below we have shared detail points that will help you to about the old laptops which still work.

First, Know About Its Condition

The first step before you start using an old laptop is to check either it boot or not? So, if it is cracked, burned hard drive, or broken keyboard then you can use it for recycling purpose or waste it. But if only some portion is broken then you can buy a hard drive to utilize your old machine again. In case if the hardware is in good condition that you have a lot of options.  The first start it checks about the windows, is it working or reset your computer. Now you are ready to use your old laptop again.

Install Linux

Linux is an operating system that has the ability to run thousands of programs just like windows. You can install Linux and install pram like office suites, opera, firefox, games, and photo editors like GIMP.

Moreover, if you want to run a window program you can add a Play in Linux tool that will efficiently run the window program on Linux. If you don’t know about this  then first take some tutorial to enjoy its incredible features and avail its features.

Turn Your Laptop in Chrome Book

If your old laptop has limited processing power then you can install Chromium S. it is an operating system that runs efficiently with a computer having old and low specs as well as hardware. It has perks over Linux because it runs nimbly eve on the modest hardware. Moreover, if you need a web browser and cloud apps on your old PC then chromium is best for them as well.

Make Network-Attached Storage System

If your old machine has extra space then you can utilize it for the NAS purpose. It means you can connect your device to the home network.  In this way, you can make the contents of that drive accessible to all your devices. If you are frustrated with storing your photos and videos in the cloud then through the NAS system you can store them directly on your PC instead of the phone. Moreover, you can stream your movies on NAS directly.

Furthermore, you can use your old machine to share both local and online files on NAS as well as do media streaming over it also. It helps in running the bootable CD or flash drive so you can set up an IP address on your PC. It offers quick and easy access to the hard drive of the laptop.

Building Home Media Centre

Another incredible way to utilize the old laptop in a better way is that you can build the home media center. You can turn the laptop in the media center that will serve you as the TV. It means you can directly record and broadcast TV stations to watch your favorite video streaming channel on the big screen.

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You have to complete a kit to get the high-resolution quality. Moreover, if your laptop does not support HDMI or your TV doesn’t have this port then arrange the tuner, and antenna to utilize its features.

Turn Laptop in Webcam

You can use your laptop as a webcam and watch videos. You can install the open-source video surveillance app for widows. Your laptop will act as a surveillance camera and you can use it to monitor kids, babysitters, pets, outdoors, or keep a check on your maid also.

It is a handy and cheap way to keep tabs on a sleeping baby. You can install the local webcam software and make the remote webcam. You will just have to pay for the service and utilize the incredible feature of the webcam.

Use It As Digital Photo Frame

This is a cool way to use the laptop as an electronic photo frame. You can enjoy the photo on a big screen. To connect your laptop with a mobile you can use a USB cable. Moreover, you can connect via Bluetooth and enjoy viewing the photos.

In case if your laptop is non-functional and you can’t do anything then you have to either send it to a recycling plant. You can explore the recycling unit in your areas via the website and then send it to the recycling center.

Donate Your Laptop

If your laptop is in working condition but you think you cannot use it more. Furthermore, on selling you will not get enough value or you don’t want to sell it. In such a case, you can use it for a cause, donate it to the organization where they use a laptop to help children learn about basic things, and features of laptops. This is the best way to use your laptop as an organization can utilize its features and needy children can enjoy using technology gadgets.

Last but not least for utilizing the old laptop is to sell it. You can trade it or sell it to the retailer who takes old laptops. They have the hardware; they upgrade the hardware f the laptop and resell it.

These are a few ways to use the old laptop in the best way. Don’t waste or throw it in the dustbin if you can use it in a positive way. Don’t sell rather a charity it and help a needy student to avail the features of the old machine.

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