prevent laptops from overheating

How To Prevent Laptops From Overheating

What Should You Do to Prevent an Overheating Problem?

If you are sure that your laptop is overheating, there are quite simple things you should do. The first and foremost step is to clean the fans that prevent the CPU and graphics card from overheating.

Air that enters the Laptop also carries dust. Clogging of the grids in the air inlet over time prevents air circulation in the case.This makes the fan more run. This increases the temperature of your Laptop. Access to these parts is necessary to clean the fan and other parts.

Best Solution for How To Prevent Laptops From Overheating

It is important to review your Laptop’s operating instructions or contact the manufacturer before turning on your notebook Laptop.

To clean the cooling system, first, it is necessary to turn off the Laptop, remove its battery and plug. During these operations, it is important to protect yourself from electricity by grounding yourself.

Clean the Cooling System

You can use the suction power of the vacuum cleaner to clean the cooling system. The important thing here is to prevent the fan from turning in the wrong direction. Likewise, you can clean by spraying air.

You can also use compressed air sprays to open the air vents in your Laptop. These sprays are designed for use on Laptops. Thermal pastes used between the processor and heat sinks also prevent the Laptop from overheating.

After turning on your Laptop, remove the CPU fan and heat sink. Dip a cotton swab in alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is usually used for this job. Clean the fan. Then apply thermal paste on the CPU and GPU.

A small amount of paste will be sufficient. It is important that you apply the thermal paste properly and make sure that there is no gap in the area you are applying.

How To Prevent Laptops From Overheating

Keep Your Laptop on a Hard and Flat Surface

Closing the air intake and vents of your Laptop causes it to work harder and heat it up. Many laptops work by taking cold air from the bottom side of the case by balancing the heat inside the case.

Since the air vents of the Laptop will be blocked on rough and soft surfaces, the cooling mechanism is broken. The temperature absorbed in the cooling air also increases.

Thus, the Laptop becomes very hot. Keeping notebooks on a hard and flat surface prevents them from overheating due to lack of air.

You can buy products such as Laptop tables, laptop trays and continue to work sitting wherever you want. Working with your Laptop on your lap can also cause it to overheat. Like soft materials, clothing closes the vents.Flat platforms are preferred as they provide a smooth air flow.

Close Unnecessary Applications Running in the Background

Too many open applications cause all the processors in the Laptop to be used. Other jobs other than the processor you are working with should be closed if they are not currently in use and are not needed.

In particular, the hard disk (HDD) that normally hangs itself generates heat mainly during data transfer operations such as file copying, music transfer from CD.

Like the HDD, the optical disc drive (ODD) that runs CDs and DVDs rotates the discs to exchange data and uses a laser as a reader.
These processes are processes that increase electricity consumption and thus heat production.

Since you are doing things such as transferring files and listening to CDs while working with your laptop, it will cause too much heat in your Laptop, you can close unnecessary applications and suspend the hardware that runs in vain.

Clean Viruses

To remove viruses from your laptop, you should first look for software that you do not recognize in the system.
You can then install the antivirus software and start cleaning. Disconnect your Laptop from the internet after installing the software. Before starting the virus removal process, open your Laptop in safe mode.

It is also important to delete all temporary files with the disk wipe option. Some viruses are programmed to be activated the moment the Laptop is started. The best way to remove these viruses that have settled in temporary files is to delete them.

Then, by running the software, you can scan for viruses and destroy or quarantine the viruses you find. After repeating this process several times, turn your Laptop off and on again and change all your passwords and passwords.

Buy a Cooler

Laptop cooler models provide a flat surface and act as an extra fan. It is important to check the airflow of the Laptop before purchasing coolers. Many laptops are ventilated thanks to lower grilles.

In these models, the air-absorbing cooler has the opposite effect. Coolers that blow cool air up are very useful if the grills are on the bottom of the laptop.

Passive coolers that do not consume power and absorb heat can also be used. You can carry the working environment everywhere with foldable fan-type laptop desk type products. Some cooler models also have a reading lamp.

With powerful fan motors, you can easily have notebook & laptop coolers specially designed for .

If Warming and Slowing Problems Persist: Get a New Laptop

Your Laptop may now want to retire. Continuous warming, slowing down problems can be evaluated in this way.

This will depend mostly on what you use the Laptop for. If you are doing design and graphic work or are a musician, you need a powerful Laptop.There are Laptops that can be powered in various ways according to their usage areas and needs.

You can choose laptop & notebook or desktop Laptop for these needs. Together with the developing technology, they offer efficiency close to each other.

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